Building the Website

I purchased the domain through GoDaddy, and set up a WordPress website.  Since I am still learning a lot about HTML, this posed a challenge for me.  Well, I thought it would be.  It wasn’t that hard to get everything setting up.

Before I started adding content, I Googled building fan website guidelines.  Apparently, there is not much out there to find.  (hmm..another website?) However, I did find some information that was relevant.  I added in the footer of the website that it is for entertainment purposes only along with no affiliation with the network itself.

I built out the website and added the content that I felt would be relevant when people are searching.  The pages started off with Episodes, About, Character, Photos and News.


Here is where the blog posts are.  Each post I titled appropriately in order to reach the search engines.  For fun, each post reads, “Written By:  Snow White” and “Written By: Evil Queen.”  The Evil Queen posts are more of an opinion of how the episodes go.  Snow White posts (me) are more of what is happening in the news about the characters and upcoming moments.


This page is really explaining what happens in the first episode along with a basic understanding where the show is going.  It is a little lengthy and I am not sure if people are going read the whole thing compared to reading the blog post titled Pilot.  However, it includes a static page with the character and real names of the talent.


I first added this page with the content of the main characters.  I noticed on the analytics that people were searching, “Who is the Blue Fairy?”  I updated this page to include every cast member and his or her character names with hopes to catch this keyword search along with other similar queries.


This page does not have much content rich information for SEO.  I used a plugin that claims to add my alt tags.  It gave an option for a SEO friendly search.  I do not think it is doing much.  I am going to leave this page as is.  I am not sure how to add a lot of photos with my alt tags without slowing down the page with too many graphics.


Here I am using an RSS feed on Google just picking up certain keywords in the news.  Not much is going on with this page.  I was hoping Google would index it as Once Upon a Time in the News or something similar to that search.

I then decided to add a shop page and forum.


Here I started with some Adsense and commission junction banners for affiliate marketing.  I then changed it around to Amazon, where I can get actual merchandise for the show.  I also added LOST’s tv show shopping products because it is the same writers and target market.


I was hoping that when adding this page, I would get some people writing about the show.  This would help with more content on the page.  However, I am getting clicks, but no one is registering. I keep updating the forums, but I am not pushing this as much like the episodes page.

Here is screen capture of the page, click to enlarge:
Once Upon a Time ABC

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