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My Once Upon a Time website recently received its first page rank. Yes folks, I am a PR 1 now. Lol. I really have not spent much time doing many backlinks for this website. However, I have kept it up-to-date with original content. Since it has been taking off with more return visitors, they have been sharing and linking my website for me. If I could thank them personally, I would.

I noticed the PR 1, and decided I need to pick up the pace with the website. I have a twitter for it, which is at almost 500 followers now. However, I did not have a Google+ page. Therefore, the birth of my Once Upon a Time Google+ page arrived.

I made the page on a Friday evening. I put the badge on the website, so users can find it easily. In addition, I tweeted out about the new page.

On the website, I also placed the Facebook share button that I found on the Facebook developer’s page. I am not going to make a Facebook page for it because I feel like people are just going to comment on the page, and not come back to the website as much. I may be wrong, but I do not see as much benefit from Facebook as I would on Twitter.

At any rate, by Monday my website was getting 1,000 hits from the organic searches. Coincidence? I do not know. Granted, the show airs on Sunday evening and Monday’s I receive the highest traffic. Earlier on, I broke 800 when Josh Dallas tweeted my website’s schedule for the show.

With that being said, here are my tips for Google+ pages.

  1. Freshness. This could be repeated thousands of times from anything to do with a website. Keep it fresh and they will come! From research, if a Google+ has not been updated within the last 72 hours, they do not show up in the Related People/Pages.
  2. Personal vs Brand Pages. A brand page with a few thousand followers will show up in the Related People/Pages before it shows a personal page with a million connections.
  3. Posts and +1s. A page or a profile that receives many +1s on their post will show up more often.
  4. Reshares and Comments. They are great, but +1s are what helps show up in the search.
  5. Bio/About Me. The keywords that you would want to trigger should be located in the Introduction, Education, Employment or Places. The Occupation field is not used, so do not focus too much here.

There you have it. These are a few tips on how to optimize a Google+ page. In a future post, I will talk about how to maintain it. I’d love your feedback if there is something that I missed.

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  1. At a time when everyone is doing their best to stand out, real advice and direction goes a long way!

  2. Great tips and advice! Thanks for sharing! Cheers

  3. On average, I see one new post on my Facebook every minute. In contrast, I see one new post on Google+ once a month! Putting money (or time) right now on Google+ is a very massive waste of effort. Sorry, but Facebook and Twitter are still kings.